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Monday, September 5


Toulbar2 Projects Meeting
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  • Brief overview of toulbar2 solver Simon de Givry, INRA, Toulouse, France
  • Global cost functions (master branch) and set variables Jimmy H.M. Lee, Chinese University of Hong-Kong
  • Using CP and ILP with tree decomposition to solve the sum colouring problem Maël Minot, LIRIS, Lyon, France
  • Triangle-based Consistencies for Cost Function Networks (maxrpc branch) Hiep Nguyen, INRA, Toulouse, France
  • Parallel strategies for Decomposition Guided VNS (vns branch) Abdelkader Ouali, GREYC, Caen, France
  • MiniBrass - extending MiniZinc with soft constraints (Numberjack/toulbar2) Alexander Schiendorfer, ISSE, Universität Augsburg, Germany
  • Open discussion to promote new projects

avatar for Simon Degivry

Simon Degivry

avatar for Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee

The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Maël Minot


Monday September 5, 2016 17:30 - 19:30
Room 151 Lascrosse Building
Tuesday, September 6


Welcome address

avatar for Michel Rueher

Michel Rueher

Professor, University of Nice – Sophia Antipolis
Michel Rueher works at the intersection of constraint programming and program verification. He is the program chair of CP 2016.
avatar for Thomas Schiex

Thomas Schiex

Researcher, INRA
Thomas Schiex works at the intersection of constraint programming, discrete graphical model optimization and their applications in biology. He is (softly) leading the bioinformatics team at INRA Toulouse and is also the conference chair of CP 2016 (with the support of several Toulouse... Read More →

Tuesday September 6, 2016 08:45 - 09:00
Grand Amphi Lascrosses building
Wednesday, September 7


Constraints Ed. Board meeting
Limited Capacity seats available

For Constraint's editorial board members. At the table where Michela Milano is sitting.

Wednesday September 7, 2016 12:05 - 04:00
Cafeteria Lascrosses building


CP'2017 & CPAIOR'2017 presentation
Quick presentation of the next iteration of CP and CPAIOR.

Wednesday September 7, 2016 17:25 - 17:40
Grand Amphi Lascrosses building


ACP General Assembly
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  1. ACP Executive Committee: Election Results
  2. Awards
    • ACP Service Award
    • Doctoral Research Award
  3. President’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Summer Schools 2016 and 2017
  6. Constraints Journal Report [Michela Milano]
  7. CP’18: Call for Bids
  8. Widening the Scope and Participation of CP
    • CP’16: Impact of track structure (review)
    • CP’17: Collocations, tracks
  9. Funding Initiatives:
    • Incubator workshop calls
    • CP papers @ nectar tracks
    • Workshop support @ CP’16
    • Tutorial support @ CP’16
    • CP teaching material
  10. CP Conference Proceedings
    • Open-access and possible publication models

avatar for Pierre  Flener

Pierre Flener

Uppsala Universitet
avatar for Willem-Jan van Hoeve

Willem-Jan van Hoeve

Carnegie Mellon University
avatar for Laurent Michel

Laurent Michel

Associate Professor, University of Connecticut
Laurent's primary research interests lie at the intersection of Programming Language and Combinatorial Optimization. His efforts are directed to the construction of software tools that considerably simplify the development of complex application (most belong to the NP class) for discrete... Read More →
avatar for Helmut Simonis

Helmut Simonis

Insight Centre for Data Analytics
avatar for Guido Tack

Guido Tack

Monash University

Wednesday September 7, 2016 17:40 - 19:00
Grand Amphi Lascrosses building
Friday, September 9


MiniZinc challenge
Results of the MiniZinc challenge (http://www.minizinc.org/challenge2016/challenge.html)

avatar for Peter Stuckey

Peter Stuckey

Professor, University of Melbourne and Data61
Peter Stuckey is a Professor in Computer Science at the University of Melbourne. His research interests focus on constraints and constraint solving, which has widespread use in discrete optimization, program analysis, constraint based graphics, and bioinformatics. He has a long standing... Read More →

Friday September 9, 2016 11:45 - 12:10
Grand Amphi Lascrosses building
Saturday, September 10


CSPLib Sprint
Sprint event to make improvements to the CSPlib problem library (http://csplib.org). This event is an informal gathering of interested researchers and practitioners. We will add new, interesting problems, add new solutions to existing problem instances, and work on improving references and links in the library. 

Saturday September 10, 2016 09:30 - 18:00
Room 133 Lascrosses building